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Which 3 Illinois cities rank among best places to live in the US?

DENVER (KDVR) — U.S. News and World Report has chosen the best places to live in the U.S., and a city in Wisconsin beat out all others, according to rankings released Tuesday.

Green Bay has been near the top of the rankings in past years, but this year Cheeseheads can celebrate after the home of the Packers finally took the top spot.

“While people who haven’t visited the northeastern Wisconsin metro area may exclusively recognize the city’s name for its NFL team the Packers, the metro area offers varied attractions, from historical and art museums to craft breweries and outdoor activities in both warm and cold weather,” the report stated.

Green Bay is followed by Huntsville, Alabama, in second place and Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, third.

Three cities in Illinois ranked in the top 150:

The rankings took into consideration factors people are most concerned with when moving to a new place, including the cost of living as housing prices rise, the weather and health care access. Also considered during these high inflationary times was the cost of goods and services.

What are the top 10 best places to live?

Here is a look at all 10 places that made the list:

  1. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  2. Huntsville, Alabama
  3. Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina
  4. Boulder, Colorado
  5. Sarasota, Florida
  6. Naples, Florida
  7. Portland, Maine
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  10. Fayetteville, Arkansas

If safety is your top consideration, however, you may want to head east, as Wisconsin didn’t crack the top ten, according to a recent ranking which found Maine to be the most crime-free state in the U.S.

And while the cheese in Wisconsin is phenomenal, beer lovers may want to drive a couple of hours south to Milwaukee, the third-best U.S. city for beer drinkers, according to a Smart Asset analysis.

See US News & World Report’s complete ranking of the best places to live here.

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