Home Sports “Spotlight on Quinn Herbert: Loyola Wrestling and Football Star Answers 10 Questions”

“Spotlight on Quinn Herbert: Loyola Wrestling and Football Star Answers 10 Questions”

“Spotlight on Quinn Herbert: Loyola Wrestling and Football Star Answers 10 Questions”

Quinn Herbert is a senior wrestler (190 kilos) for the Ramblers. Herbert qualified for the state tournament last 12 months. He also was an All-League football player for Loyola.

1. Do you’ve prematch rituals or superstitions?

It’s modified lots up to now couple years. I found out recently that I do lots higher if i’m looser and joking around. So I actually have coaches spitball jokes at me and I’m laughing, and I feel higher once I’m loose.

2. What are your plans for next 12 months?

I hope to wrestle. I’m unsure what school yet. I’m still taking a look at schools and talking to some at once.

3. Football or wrestling?

I believe I’d should go wrestling. Football is awesome and more of a team sport. Wrestling is something I’ve been doing since I used to be 4 years old. It’s such a giant a part of my life.

4. What makes you a successful wrestler?

I believe it’s definitely my coaches. I’ve had so many coaches all year long they usually all focus on certain things. I’m pretty good at picking up on details when coaches tell me to do something. I can get something out of each coach and I actually have complied lots from them. They turned me into the wrestler I’m.

5. When you could try one other sport, what wouldn’t it be?

I believe I’d go baseball. I used to play as a child. I played with my dad on a regular basis. I loved it once I was really young. It’s a fun sport — and lightweight conditioning-wise in comparison with wrestling, which is good.

6. What’s your dream job?

I would like to be an engineer. I really like constructing stuff and I math. I believe it could be cool to be a NASA engineer. I believe that’s the dream job. Exploring outer space is cool.

7. What’s your favorite thing to do off the mat?

I actually like hanging out with friends, playing sports on a regular basis. I like playing basketball with my buddies. They’re really good at it; I’m probably not great at it. Competing with friends with something not too serious, I find it irresistible.

8. When you’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

I believe I’d should go together with Twix ice cream bars. They’re form of newer, but they’re awesome. I really like them.

9. What’s something people don’t learn about you?

I’m really into music. I really like hip-hop, jazz, R&B, house. How certain genres influence other genres — I believe hip hop is my favorite — I like looking into that.

10. What do you and your team hope to perform this season?

My goal for this 12 months is identical goal I’ve had my whole life. I would like to be a state champion. I didn’t have a likelihood in eighth grade (COVID 12 months). This is basically been what I’ve been working for these past 4 years. As a team, I believe we’ve a terrific likelihood for a sectional run. Loyola has never done it before, but we’ve been recovering every year. We’ve got a ton of great guys and great young guys. I believe we will make a team sectional appearance.

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