Home Community Special Sears School Homecoming Celebrated with Unveiling of Immense Mural

Special Sears School Homecoming Celebrated with Unveiling of Immense Mural

Special Sears School Homecoming Celebrated with Unveiling of Immense Mural

Homecoming at The Joseph Sears School meant a bit more this yr, and the community acted accordingly.

A whole bunch got here out on Saturday, Sept. 30, to rejoice the college’s one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary, significant campus improvements, recent mural, and more.

School officials began the day by unveiling a big, colourful mural painted across one in all the college’s exterior partitions. Artist Molly Zakrajsek, higher often called MollyZ, created the piece with guidance from Sears leadership. In an outline of the art, she wrote, “The hope for this mural is to remodel the college wall-scape right into a vibrant, welcoming gathering space honoring the expression of youngsters engaged in play, learning, and discovery.”

The Sears mascot and a Sears family in a photograph throughout the homecoming festivities on Sept. 30.

Sears Assistant Principal Marty Heffner said the mural incorporates concepts which might be vital to the college, equivalent to its 4 cornerstones: respect, honesty, responsibility, and kindness. Also recognized within the mural are the 4 attributes in a Portrait of a Sears Graduate, that are a fearless learner, compassionate citizen, creative thinker, and courageous advocate. The mural’s four-pointed stars represent the ideals.

“(The mural) brings quite a lot of color and lightweight simply to our community as an entire,” Heffner said.

The homecoming celebration also included a rededication of Sears’ peace pole, garden arch, and trail marker tree rock; the introduction of the Sears school Alumni Hall of Honor class; a community kickball game; and tours of the college, specializing in the brand new spaces and amenities.

The college recently accomplished a $25-million renovation project that features a 13,000-square-foot addition and recent library and tech center, amongst other things.

Sears Principal Stephanie Helfand speaks with a homecoming guest contained in the renovated school.

“Tours were a bit more meaningful this time around,” Heffner said. “It’s a pleasant strategy to mix the previous constructing and our 125-year history.”

It was the third yr Sears has hosted a homecoming. The college’s Joseph Sears School Parents’ Volunteer Association and boosters play an integral role in putting the event together.

Heffner said the college is “fortunate to have such a supportive parent volunteer group” that put together a day that meant quite a bit to the college.

“It was a remarkable strategy to bring the community together,” he said. “We now have a robust and invested Sears community, and we’re so fortunate to have that here as a district. An event like this really brings the community together — past, present, and future.”

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