Home News Shoreline protection, restrooms and access among residents priorities for Kenilworth beach upgrades

Shoreline protection, restrooms and access among residents priorities for Kenilworth beach upgrades

Shoreline protection, restrooms and access among residents priorities for Kenilworth beach upgrades

A new view of Kenilworth’s lakefront is beginning to come into focus.

The actual view may not be realized for more than a year, but Kenilworth residents can see the latest concepts for the Village of Kenilworth’s Beach Improvement Project now.

Project architects Woodhouse Tinucci led an open house on May 17 to show residents three design options for the beach, as well as others reimagining the decommissioned water plant and the sailing beach. Andy Tinucci explains in the presentation that the ideas are based off resident feedback taken from prior community engagement events.

The presentation is available online with a link to an online survey asking about the presentation. More information on the Beach Improvement Project is also available online.

During the presentation, Tinucci says that shoreline protection is the project’s “highest priority,” as informed by Village guidance and resident feedback. In that context, the firm developed three options to improve Kenilworth Beach.

The first, Repair and Reinforce, stabilizes a groin that failed on the north end of the property, while reinforcing a groin to the south at a cost of $600,000 for two months of construction work. The refurbished groin will eventually restore the north beach, Tunicci says in the presentation.

The middle-ground option turns the north groin into a “T” and hooks in the south groin, requiring more armor stone in deeper water for a $1.8 million pricetag and three months of construction.

The most elaborate concept is creating a swimming cove with two hooked-in groins and a more continuous beachfront. The design would change the lakefront view, Tinucci says, and eliminate the horizon from certain spots. The plan would cost $2.5 million and construction could last five months.

One idea to rework the decommissioned water plant’s exterior features larger windows and less hardscapes.

Residents can also see reuse concepts for the decommissioned water treatment plant, starting with access to the beach. Tinucci explains in the presentation that residents have expressed frustrations with the current routes, one with stairs and one with elevators. Designers want the new paths to be more direct, have unimpeded lake views, and include shade structures, seating and landscaping

“The goal is for the path to the lake is never disconnected from the lake,” he says.

Kenilworth Beach users also expressed a desire for an improved water plant exterior. In response, Woodhouse Tinucci presented multiple ideas — from the removal of hardscapes to an expansion of windows to the creation of outdoor spaces — to give the building a new look while enhancing lake views.

Inside, designers recommend community spaces upstairs with beach services — such as staff offices, first aid, new restrooms and concessions — on the lower level, which could be decommissioned during the cold-weather months, Tinucci says in the presentation.

Tinucci adds that up to three segments of the water plant could be demolished to create even more square footage in the redesign of the space. Plans also include a suggestion to move nonmotorized boat storage inside, thus creating more public space outside.

Woodhouse Tinucci will use feedback and survey responses to shape concepts and cost estimates for the Kenilworth Village Board in June. According to Andy Tinucci, final concept designs should be in front of Kenilworth trustees this summer and work could begin in the fall; though, he says, regardless of the approved plan, a majority of the active work will take place in 2024.

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