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rewrite this title Park district gets moving on Green Bay Trail improvements

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Winnetka park commissioners got a glimpse of what a renovated Green Bay Road Trail could seem like during their Committee of the Whole meeting on Nov. 2.

A presentation from the Lakota Group provided an update on a project to upgrade the trail and its surroundings in Winnetka.

Around since within the Nineteen Sixties, the Green Bay Road Trail is a multi-use pedestrian path that runs nine miles along the Metra railway from Highland Park to Wilmette. About 2 1/4 miles of the trail runs through Winnetka.

The trail is maintained by quite a few entities in addition to community groups — essentially the most notable of which is the Friends of the Green Bay Trail. The nonprofit has raised greater than half of 1,000,000 dollars since 2010 to enhance portions of the trail, primarily in Glencoe.

One other concept shows a separate entry point with a middle line on the trail and built up landscapating.

Improvements to the Winnetka portion of the trail can be in coordination with the Village of Winnetka and will include overhauling the vegetation overhaul, widening and evening the trail to a consistent 8 feet, marking the trail, adding signage, improving drainage and maintaining the gravel running path.

The proposals are based on feedback from the community gathered from a pop-up workshop along the trail and three online surveys, through which near 400 users participated, based on Lakota.

Lakota projects the associated fee of your entire project to be $7.29 million — greater than $3 million of that going toward landscaping and vegetation.

The proposal still needs multiple levels of review, but commissioners expressed their early support for the project.

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