Home Business rewrite this title Closing time for Ellen’s on Elm — Winnetka’s 15-year-old unique gift shop

rewrite this title Closing time for Ellen’s on Elm — Winnetka’s 15-year-old unique gift shop

rewrite this title Closing time for Ellen’s on Elm — Winnetka’s 15-year-old unique gift shop

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Fifteen years ago, Ellen Holthaus decided it was time to be her own boss.

Now, that point is over.

Inside the following few weeks, Holthaus will close her unique and beloved gift shop, Ellen’s on Elm, 847 Elm St., just west of Chestnut Street in downtown Winnetka.

“It’s definitely bittersweet,” she said. “It’s been a fantastic journey, but I’m type of ready. I’ve been working very, very hard and I’m anxious to get my life back.

“I do know I would like to work, but I’m ready to provide up my very own business. Let any individual else be the boss for some time.”

Ellen Holthaus opened her shop on Elm Street 15 years ago.

Holthaus said Ellen’s on Elm will close in late November or early December, depending on the progress of the shop’s liquidation sale. Currently, all the pieces within the shop — from the engraved cutting boards to the shelving units — are significantly discounted.

Ellen’s on Elm made its mark offering original gifts often referencing towns on the North Shore, akin to a kitchen towel that claims “Christmas in Glencoe” and a cocktail class with Winnetka’s zip code, 60093.

Holthaus said Ellen’s on Elm — led by store manager Virginia — rigorously curated the choice, working with various firms that provide custom work.

“Together we’d give you ideas and create recent things customers could be enthusiastic about and I’d say we achieved that,” Holthaus said.

Lots of those customers have made recent stops to Ellen’s on Elm, visiting Holthaus and her team since they heard of the shop’s closing.

While Holthaus is looking forward to retirement and finding a brand new adventure, the recent customer visits function a reminder to the impact her shop has made on the town.

Ellen’s on Elm will remain open during November and possibly December during a liquidation sale.

“The client support has been phenomenal,” she said. “The shoppers who are available the door now to express thanks and gratitude has type of been overwhelming for me. I knew we were a fantastic sthop but after I hear it in platitudes all day long it truly is hitting home.

“I feel I’m leaving something that will probably be missed and I appreciate that.”

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