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Interview with Bailey Corneliuson, New Trier wrestling: 10 questions

Bailey Corneliuson is a senior wrestler for the Trevians. He recently won the Central Suburban League championship at 175 kilos.

1. Do you will have any prematch rituals or superstitions?

I don’t do an excessive amount of. I just type of like to look at matches before mine, see what moves they’re doing. If we’re at a meet, I especially like to look at the prematches because they’re near the load I’m wrestling. I can see what moves they’re using and if their defense is any good.

2. What are your plays for next yr? 

I’m hoping to potentially come back to wrestling. I’m probably going to high school at Oakton (Community College), taking some classes to develop into a paramedic or something like that.

3. What’s your dream Job? 

That may be a really hard query. There are such a lot of occupations. Some honorable line of labor, like a firefighter or or something like that. 

4. What’s your favorite thing to do off the mat? 

I like to hang around with friends. I prefer to fiddle with my siblings (older brother Riley, older sister Haley) and play video games more often than not. Aside from that, I attempt to explore latest things once I can.

5. What’s your favorite game right away?

Straight away, my favorite video games are “Elden Ring” and “For Honor.” They’re each fighting games. One is like an RPG and one is a team fight.

6. When you could try one other sport, what would it not be? 

My friends have been telling me I should try rugby. So I’d probably try rugby. I’ve also been desirous about going into powerlifting.

7. When did you realize you were wrestler?

I began wrestling in fifth grade and didn’t think I used to be great then, but in eighth grade, I actually did well there and thought I used to be good. But then highschool got here along, and also you’re back at the underside of the barrel there. My senior yr and junior years I began to consider in myself more and believe as a wrestler.

8. When you’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

I just go for some snacks or something, along the lines of chip, like Pringles, and perhaps a Brisk or two.

9. What’s something people don’t find out about you? 

I suppose from a stranger’s perspective, and considered one of my friends told me on the wrestling team, that I portray because the captain and folks who met me found me intimidating. But once they get to know me, I’m more bubbly and friendly.

10. What’s your goal to complete the season?

Individually, definitely is making state. It’s a giant goal I hope to realize, but making sectional remains to be pretty good. As a team, definitely getting multiple people to state and having our JV take advantage of conference. I hope the JV return (Saturday) with multiple conference medals. Ending the season strong is the predominant goal.

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