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‘I am a murderer:’ Glenview son stabbed father to death over marijuana use before work, court doc reveals

GLENVIEW, Ill. — A Glenview man stabbed his father to death after a dispute over using marijuana before work, a court document revealed Tuesday afternoon.

According to a bond proffer from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, 20-year-old Isaac Thurston and his father, 50-year-old Perron Thurston, were arguing inside their home over whether Isaac should go to work after smoking marijuana Monday morning.

The proffer said that Isaac’s father was upset over the choice to do so, and later called the coffee shop where his son worked to tell them he could not work today. At that point, the argument spilled over into the kitchen, and during the argument, Isaac picked up a knife from a block on the counter and stabbed his father in the left side of his torso.

After being stabbed, Perron called out to his wife, saying, “Isaac just stabbed me.”

Isaac’s mother got out of bed and ran into the kitchen, where she called 911 after seeing that her husband had been stabbed.

The married couple’s second son and Isaac’s brother came into the kitchen from his bedroom after hearing the racket, and began giving chest compressions to his dad.

When police arrived, Isaac was standing inside the home, hands covered and clothes stained with blood.

“I don’t know why I did it,” Isaac said. “I am a murderer.”

His father later died from his injuries.

After being read his Miranda rights, Isaac gave a further statement to Glenview Police on camera, where he described the argument with his father. He described picking up the knife and stabbing his father a single time, and said there was no physical contact between him and his father before he stabbed him.

Isaac also denied a history of physical violence with his father, or whether he had ever been physically abused by him.

Court records show this is Isaac Thurston’s first arrest.

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