Home Community Glencoe volunteers assemble 192 care bags for migrants passing through town

Glencoe volunteers assemble 192 care bags for migrants passing through town

Glencoe volunteers assemble 192 care bags for migrants passing through town

No migrant buses have stopped in Glencoe as of yet, but Glencoe is preparing for his or her potential guests.

Volunteers gathered essentials and more into nearly 200 community care bags on Monday, Feb. 19, at Glencoe Union Church. The trouble was intended to not only prepare for local arrivals but additionally aid neighboring communities should there be a necessity.

The Village of Glencoe, Family Services of Glencoe, and the Glencoe Clergy Association united for the event, during which roughly 40 volunteers packed winter hats, gloves, hygiene products, food, first-aid kits, and more into lightweight backpacks. Each backpack includes a customized welcome note.

Glencoe Public Safety officers helped package the 192 filled bags.

Glencoe Public Safety Director Sean Loughran helps organize the packaged care bags at Glencoe Union Church.

“We saw a necessity for a combined effort to create a support mechanism within the event anyone shows up at our doorstep,” said Public Safety Director Sean Loughran, who added that while no migrant buses have arrived in Glencoe, if and when travelers do arrive, local leaders thought ready-to-go resources can be essentially the most effective handout.

Buses of migrants — primarily sent unexpectedly from Texas — have arrived in suburbs across Chicagoland since November 2023, when the town of Chicago decided to crack down on bus operators making unscheduled dropoffs.

Since then, several buses have arrived in Wilmette, Highland Park, and Winnetka. Wilmette and Highland Park developed donation drives much like Glencoe’s to supply migrants with essential items whether or not they stay local or quickly board a train to Chicago and its intake center.

Winnetka, Highland Park, and Glencoe — unlike Wilmette — have introduced latest policies to manage unscheduled bus stops.

Volunteers after packing 192 care bags to support arriving migrants and others in need.

Glencoe’s community effort began with a fundraiser to support the acquisition of things for the care bags. Organizers purchased the items after which welcomed volunteers on Monday to pack the baggage, which took just over one hour.

Loughran said that most of the bags packed on Monday will go to neighboring communities, likely Wilmette, where the necessity is best. Others will stay on-site for when a necessity arises in Glencoe. Any excess bags are packed and able to go for any community members experiencing homelessness or other hardships, he said.

The Rev. Ken Crews, of Glencoe Union Church, said providing support for newcomers to the community is the compassionate thing to do.

“If we are able to’t connect with one another as human beings, it makes things far more difficult,” Crews said.

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