Home Sports Getting to Know Regina Dominican Basketball Player Payton Olszewski: 10 Questions with the Athlete of the Week

Getting to Know Regina Dominican Basketball Player Payton Olszewski: 10 Questions with the Athlete of the Week

Getting to Know Regina Dominican Basketball Player Payton Olszewski: 10 Questions with the Athlete of the Week

Payton Olszewski is a senior guard for the Panthers. She is the team leader in assists and likewise plays soccer for Regina.

1. Do you will have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

One thing I even have to do before every game is just go and be by myself for a little bit bit — like go and shoot or get in a great workout or simply be by myself. Also I even have this one thing: I want my Stanley (cup) at every game and if I don’t, I feel it’s going to be bad luck. And there’s my orange shoelaces too.

2. What are your plans for next yr?

I’m not too sure. I do wish to go to varsity to play basketball or soccer and I’m going to be majoring in business. That’s all I do know straight away.

3. What’s your dream job?

Possibly a photographer. I’m really enthusiastic about photos and stuff. I’m in yearbook. I’m intrigued by taking photos and searching at them.

4. If you happen to could play one other sport, what wouldn’t it be?

Football. I at all times desired to play football ever since I used to be a little bit kid. It at all times seemed so fun. After I was a little bit girl, there was one girl (at college) who played football and I at all times looked as much as that. Seeing my brothers play (at Notre Dame College Prep) too. It’s at all times been an enormous thing in my family.

5. What’s your favorite thing to do off the court?

I actually like to only work out. Just go for a run. After which also one thing I enjoy doing is anything with crafts. I really like to take up sewing and just create random things.

6. Who’s your favorite athlete?

Steph Curry (NBA-Golden State Warriors). He’s my favorite. Just seeing him on the court, he’s serious relating to basketball and he has this side that enables him to get goofy but he’s still in a position to focus. I feel that’s pretty cool.

7. What can be your last meal?

Truthfully, probably a great steak dinner. Steak and possibly some fries. I do love me some fries. (Raising) Cane’s fries with their sauce and possibly lemonade with their ice.

8. If you happen to are in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

My go-to at Walgreens is unquestionably a Celsius. I at all times go and get one. At once I just like the peach mango green tea one.

9. What’s something people don’t learn about you?

I’m an open person. This could be a little bit known, but I’m really competitive. I compete in anything, even like a little bit school thing or simply walking to a spot. It’s at all times in my mind that I even have to compete.

10. Your senior yr and also you guys are off to state. What has this season been like?

It’s been really great. It’s also been hard. That is the time we actually do must lock in and focus, once we’re pushing one another the toughest. It’s also an emotional time for me and the opposite senior Maddie (Witchger). It’s our last season and we made it this far. It’s nice in class, everyone gassing us up since it’s been 20 years (since Regina advanced to state). It’s nice and I feel like we’ve now created this special team that I haven’t felt with one other team.

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