Home Sports Getting to Know Jackson McCarey: An Interview With the New Trier Football Star

Getting to Know Jackson McCarey: An Interview With the New Trier Football Star

Getting to Know Jackson McCarey: An Interview With the New Trier Football Star

Jackson McCarey is a senior running back and defensive back for the Trevians. He’s the team’s rushing leader and had 140 yards and a touchdown against Glenbrook South on Oct. 13. McCarey also plays baseball for Recent Trier.

1.) Do you could have pregame rituals or superstitions?

Really the one thing I do before a game is drink one or two Liquid IV’s and on gameday eat one banana. I prepare by watching film. It’s pretty relaxed and never an excessive amount of happening.

2. What do you hope to do next yr?

I hopefully can discover a spot on a roster on a school tam. That’s my essential hope, find somewhere I can play that has an incredible coaching staff and atmosphere. I’m in the method without delay, figuring it out, seeing who will offer me a spot.

3. Have you mostly been a running back?

I even have been a running back and defensive back all my years at Recent Trier. Slightly little bit of quarterback. I didn’t play any type of tackle (before Recent Trier). Just slightly flag football. I at all times played soccer and baseball and fell in love with football as a freshman.

4. You might have had a variety of big runs. Which one is your favorite?

I’d say my favorite is tied between the one in our first home game this yr. I had a 73-yard run in considered one of the primary few plays. That was awesome. So either that or after I was a sophomore, it was our homecoming and I had an 87-yard run. The group was massive and it was awesome.

5. Who’s your favorite athlete?

I believe without delay my favorite is Tyreek Hill (WR — Miami Dolphins). He’s an incredible athlete and really funny online.

6. What’s your favorite thing to do off the sector?

I actually enjoy spending time with my family and friends whether we’re watching a football game or hanging out.

7. In the event you could play one other sport what would it not be?

I’d wish to play hockey. I really like our Recent Trier Green. It’s a cool team and an incredible team. I like going to the outdoor rink within the winter with friends. I wish I began earlier. It’s hard to catch up skating.

8. In the event you are in Walgreens with a pair of greenbacks, what are you purchasing?

Probably a pack of gummy worms or I’ve began to like these strawberry puff gummies. I’d get some type of candy.

9. What’s something people don’t learn about you?

I used to be home schooled in fourth grade. My family we took a road trip around United States, camping a bunch. We lived in van at a few national parks. It was cool. Really fun.

10. Are you able to summarize your senior season thus far?

For the team, we’ve had a rough season. We haven’t played to our potential or how we desired to play. We’re powering through, having fun together. We wish to exit in our last week and have a good time. I feel I’ve had a superb season and had a variety of fun with my teammate and I hope to exit with a bang on Friday

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