Home Sports Getting to Know: David Wolff, New Trier volleyball’s Athlete of the Week

Getting to Know: David Wolff, New Trier volleyball’s Athlete of the Week

Getting to Know: David Wolff, New Trier volleyball’s Athlete of the Week

David Wolff is a 6-foot-8 senior outside hitter for the Trevians. Wolff was chosen as USA Volleyball’s junior male athlete of the yr and is committed to Stanford University. He was also a forward on Latest Trier Green hockey, which recently won the AHAI state championship.

1. Do you’ve gotten any pregame rituals or superstitions?

For volleyball, I’d say I’m more superstitious than hockey. I normally have a Liquid IV right before the sport and all the time tie my right shoe before my left. But for hockey, I’m not very superstitious in any respect.

2. Why is Stanford a superb fit for you?

I’ve all the time desired to go to a prestigious school. My former teammate Stefan Gjaja went to Princeton and I thought of Princeton, but once I went to Stanford and I saw that the campus was beautiful and the coaches and players were great. And I like being on the West Coast too.

3. For those who had to decide on, volleyball or hockey?

If I had to decide on, I’d say hockey — actually, I’d say volleyball, because I believe it’s more rewarding to play volleyball at a high level.

4. Are there advantages to playing those two sports?

To be honest, there should not too many connections, but I’ve been playing hockey lots longer than I’ve been playing volleyball. One thing that’s helped me lots is the hand-eye coordination. Lots of guys who’re tall like me may need trouble making hard contact with the volleyball, but because I played hockey and so many ball sports, the hand-eye coordination goes a great distance.

5. For those who could play one other sport, what would it not be?

I actually like golf, going with my friends. I actually like watching golf too. I just have a variety of respect for professionals who go in and grind and work each day. Golf is one in every of the one sports that you’ve gotten complete control over. It’s a mental game, and I believe I’m mentally tough. It could be fun to play golf at a high level.

6. What’s your favorite thing to do off the court?

Probably just hang around with my friends. We prefer to play poker lots. Just talking with my friends. We play pickeball and paddle, too.

7. What’s your favorite athlete?

I’d say Michael Phelps. I watched a documentary (on Phelps) once I was young and the quantity of labor he puts in is actually respectable and I’ve all the time admired his dedication to the game, even through controversy and stuff like that.

8. For those who’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

I like sunflower seeds, so probably a bag of Bar-B-Q Biggs and possibly only a Smart Water.

9. What’s something people don’t find out about you?

I’m really organized. I’m not diagnosed but I believe I actually have some kind of (obsessive compulsive disorder). My room is all the time super clean and I all the time have tasks I actually have to do every day. And I like to wash, all the time helping my parents out within the kitchen

10. What are the volleyball team’s hopes for this season?

We’re just one game in, but we’re already a team showing a variety of promise, especially defensively we’ve made a variety of strides. I believe we’re already higher defensively than last yr. We have now a pair big games coming up. I believe our ultimate goal is clearly winning state, but that starts with a sectional championship and that’s something we’d must battle for. I believe we’re able to that.

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