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“Georgia Garvey’s New Book Unites Popular Columns on Parenting and COVID-Era Stresses”

Newsroom budget cuts are nothing to have fun, but one local side effect could have worked to the general public’s profit throughout the pandemic.

When Georgia Garvey’s newsroom needed to stop paying for columns, the editor stepped up. And her commentary — primarily about family life amid COVID-19 — quickly earned readers’ attention.

“I wrote about what was happening in my life. Weird and normal stuff that happens to oldsters,” she said. “People really liked it and I just kept going.”

She added, “I form of approached my column as therapy during a very weird time within the pandemic. I just use it as a option to discuss being a contemporary parent.”

Garvey stepped down as editor of the Pioneer Press, a suburban product of the Chicago Tribune, in 2021, but she kept writing a column for publisher Creators Syndicate that appeared in publications nationwide. And now, lots of those columns have been released in a book called “All the pieces is Going to be OK (Until It’s Not)”

About 80 of Garvey’s pieces are included in the gathering, which Garvey said she curated.

“I’m thrilled,” Garvey said of the ultimate product before backpedaling. “I feel I picked a weird title. I’m a bit of apprehensive people don’t get it, nevertheless it was really exciting to see in print.”

The title was inspired by a conversation Garvey had along with her therapist. When Garvey was explaining her current harbinger of stress, the therapist gave her a version of that line: “All the pieces goes to be OK until it isn’t.” She explained that the therapist was saying that while everyone seems to be headed for a similar end result, it is worth it to enjoy as much of your current state as possible.

I form of approached my column as therapy during a very weird time within the pandemic. I just use it as a option to discuss being a contemporary parent.
Georgia Garvey, local journalist on the inspiration for her column

That self-actualizing tenor is behind much of Garvey’s writing, which mix humor with an abrupt honesty to distill relatable themes, from camping and waiting tables to COVID-era kindness and parenting through the years.

“I write about parenting so much, probably greater than another topic,” she said. “Kind of a theme in all of the columns I write is attempting to be sure that I’m living within the moment and I’m appreciating and having fun with what life is offering me on this quick — irrespective of what.”

Now in Wilmette, Garvey has called many places home, first Greece after which North Carolina, Louisiana and Missouri. She then went back to Greece for a 12 months of school.

When she returned stateside, Garvey stayed with a friend at Northwestern University and “never moved away,” she said.

With a journalism degree from Columbia College, Garvey reported for the Day by day Herald before becoming an editor with the Chicago Tribune and its suburban titles.

Now she writes her column and does editing work out of her home, where she lives along with her husband and two children, 7 and 5 years old.

Garvey is happy with her book and excited for family and friends to read it. She also hopes readers will enjoy rereading her old columns or consuming ones they missed.

“All the pieces is Going To Be OK (Until It’s Not)” is on the market on Amazon and other retailers. Garvey will greet readers and discuss her book on Jan. 18 at The Book Stall, 811 Elm St., in Winnetka.

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