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Free Bird: Winnetka Fire Department rescues red-tailed hawk

Birdie, eagle, albatross, hawk. One of these don’t belong on the golf course — unless that course was Indian Hill Club on Aug. 16.

A red-tail hawk became the center of attention at the Winnetka facility when it was caught in a discarded fishing line in a tree.

Dan Dunn, who witnessed the scene, said the bird was entangled into the line and hanging by its neck, struggling, when Winnetka firefighters — Lt. Jon Colpaert and firefighters Zach Fudalej and Christian Kroeger — showed up and saved its life.

Winnetka firefighters (left to right) Zach Fudalej and Christian Kroeger and Lt. Jon Colpaert.

According to Dunn, a firefighter waded into the water and raised a pole for the hawk to grab onto, while another firefighter cut the branch.

They lowered the hawk to the ground, wrapped it in a towel and cut the line from its neck.

Dunn said the hawk was calm during the event and, after a couple photos, was released, flying away seemingly unharmed.

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