Home Sports Former NT Hockey Player Earns Indiana U. Football Scholarship, No Longer Just a Walker

Former NT Hockey Player Earns Indiana U. Football Scholarship, No Longer Just a Walker

Former NT Hockey Player Earns Indiana U. Football Scholarship, No Longer Just a Walker

Trey Walker knew he was done with hockey after his senior season fiddling with Recent Trier.

However the 2019 NTHS graduate wasn’t able to be done with sports.

“I didn’t know what to do with myself,” he said in a phone interview with The Record.

The answer? Walk on to the Indiana University football team despite never having played the game — aside from some flag football — in his life.

“Me and my dad had been talking about playing football throughout highschool,” Walker said. “However it never really worked out. Once hockey ended, I made the choice to type of go for it.”

It turned out to be probably the greatest decisions of his life. Walker, of Winnetka, is a star within the classroom — an Academic All-Big Ten selection with a bachelor’s degree who’s working on a master’s, and owner of the very best GPA on the Hoosiers’ roster.

He’s also now a scholarship tight end as of August of this yr.

“I still can’t imagine it,” Walker said. “I’ll be sitting here sometimes and I’ll take a look at the video (pondering), ‘Wow, that really happened.’”

The video in query played on the Jumbotron at IU’s Memorial Stadium after an August practice. It was a clip of Adam Sandler’s Glad Gilmore character prepping for a hockey tryout by going right into a batting cage with out a helmet.

Walker’s face was superimposed onto Sandler’s, and Walker had an idea what was coming.

“Yeah, once I saw the video, I figured, ‘Nobody else on the team had seen this movie,’” he said.

At the tip of the video was a caption: “Trey Walker, former hockey player turned … IU varsity football player.”

The road to that time wasn’t at all times easy.

He connected with the IU football staff coming out of highschool and sent some hockey film so the coaches could a minimum of see his size and athleticism. He was medically cleared and went to an open tryout for aspiring walk-ons.

“I’m not going to lie,” Walker said. “It was a fairly rough time. All the pieces was type of a struggle because I didn’t know what I used to be doing.”

But he had some things going for him, including a 6-5, 255-pound frame, the physicality one would expect from a former hockey player and a relentless work ethic.

“I kept setting goals for myself,” Walker said. “I just desired to learn the position, learn the sport. Annually I set a brand new goal for myself.”

Along the way in which, he racked up honors within the classroom and on the sector: two-time Academic All-Big Ten, two-time Big Ten Distinguished Scholar, five-time scout team player of the week, and offensive scout team player of the yr in 2020.

Walker made his collegiate debut in 2021, playing in two games as a redshirt sophomore, and he played in five games last season.

Yearly, he raised the bar.

“Once I became an upperclassman, I’m like, ‘OK, it’s go time now,’” he said.

He made his 2023 debut within the Hoosiers’ win over Indiana State last Friday.

“The goal is certainly to be a serious contributor,” Walker said.

And as he’s demonstrated, when Walker sets a goal, he normally reaches it.

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