Home News Evanston hosts first farmer’s market of the spring

Evanston hosts first farmer’s market of the spring

Evanston hosts first farmer’s market of the spring

EVANSTON, Ill. — Even as the clouds threatened to rain, the first farmer’s market of spring in Evanston sprung up at University and Oak.

“It’s one of the best around,” Jason Gast, of Gast Farms, said.

Gast said he’s been part of the farmer’s market since the 1980s and continues to be one of his favorite, even this early in the season.

“We plant all winter long in the greenhouse and once you start getting into the groove, you think alright it’s fun,” Gast said.

From tulips to truffles, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

“You can see that people care about their product,” Chef Stefan Markov with The Naked Truffle, said. “They really care about what they do and you don’t get that at Whole Foods.”

Tahj Burnett is a senior at Northwestern University.

“It’s exciting to come around and see all the plants and stuff,” Burnett said. “It’s huge. I didn’t realize they had it until this year and it’s my senior year so I missed out on the last three years.”

And while he just discovered the market, others, like Marisa Michaels, have been coming for years.

“It’s just a really great vibe,” Michaels said. “It’s great vendors, there’s great products. Come and socialize and visit. It’s just a really nice place to come and spend some time and get some good products for your home.”

Danielle Drummond with Miss Microgreens said despite the rain, there was a big turnout on Saturday.

By the afternoon, sold out was on the menu for many.


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