Home News District 113 Superintendent Announces Retirement, Marking 8th Leadership Change in D113 Since 2015

District 113 Superintendent Announces Retirement, Marking 8th Leadership Change in D113 Since 2015

District 113 Superintendent Announces Retirement, Marking 8th Leadership Change in D113 Since 2015

Township High School District is out there for a brand new leader following the retirement announcement of Dr. Bruce Law, the district’s superintendent for the last 4 years.

Law publicly announced his retirement plans throughout the School Board’s Committee of the Whole session on Tuesday, Oct. 10, but said in his statement that he first informed the board in June.

“I even have a job I really like in a district I really like … I even have had a terrific board yearly in District 113. It’s not you, it’s me,” Law said. “… It might sound I’m retiring prior to I should but it surely is time. My goal this 12 months is do every little thing I can to make the following superintendent successful.”

Law got here to D113 in 2019 from Hinsdale Township High School District 86, which comprises Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools within the western suburbs. He began working with D86 in 2010 and was superintendent from 2013 until his resignation in 2019, when he accepted the job in D113. Before D86, Law worked in administration for schools in Indiana and Chicago.

D113 hired Law within the hopes of stabilizing a rotating superintendent’s office. Law replaced interim superintendents Linda Yonke (former Recent Trier High School superintendent) and Ben Martindale, who were called in after the district forced out Chris Dignam in 2018.

Dignam, who was named superintendent in 2016, left amid a litany of staff complaints and was the topic of a separation agreement with the district in the course of his five-year contract.

Prior to Dignam, the district had three superintendents in a two-year span, including one, Laurie Kimbrel, who was hired but requested out of her contract before she began.

With District 113, Law was in charge during an unprecedented period of challenge and tragedy, from the COVID disruptions that began in 2020 to the Highland Park shooting of 2022 and its everlasting impact.

School Board President Dan Struck emphasized that Law’s decision was not a request or suggestion of the board and said Law will likely be missed.

“We value Dr. Law’s grace under pressure,” Struck said. “We appreciate his patience, his intelligence, his commitment to this district’s students, his commitment to this district’s mission, his easy decency and generosity regardless of the situation, his willingness to listen, his desire to be fair, and his dedication to equity and inclusion for all students.”

” … Irrespective of the challenge, Dr. Law has endeavored to further the core mission of DHS and HPHS: to cultivate passion, to unlock the potential, and to encourage excellence in every student, regardless of who they’re or where they arrive from.”

The district now embarks on a seek for its eighth superintendent — including three interim superintendents — within the last decade.

Struck said the board is on the trail to finding a brand new leader and it would hold a special meeting on Oct. 18 to interview candidate-search firms and hopes to pick a firm on Oct. 24.

“The District 113 School Board will act with alacrity and due deliberation to go looking for and hire a Superintendent who’s keen about District 113’s unwavering commitment to providing all students with opportunities to understand their unique potential through a rigorous and fascinating curriculum, meaningful relationships, varied experiences, a positive school culture, and the cultivation of individual passion and resilience,” he said. “… HPHS and DHS share a proud tradition and we’re committed to finding a pacesetter who will construct upon that tradition.”

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