Home News Couple Pays Tribute to Late Baby Through NICU Little Libraries

Couple Pays Tribute to Late Baby Through NICU Little Libraries

Couple Pays Tribute to Late Baby Through NICU Little Libraries

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It has been almost a yr and a half since Nina Trader and her husband Derek Braasch made their way up into Central DuPage Hospital. But now as a substitute of pushing a stroller, they push a cart filled with boxes stuffed with books. It’s all within the name of Sophia, the premature baby girl they lost.

“This was our first child. We went through fertility issues for seven years before conceiving her,” Nina Trader said. “She was 25 weeks and a day. Only 15 ounces. It was tough.”

The family spent weeks within the NICU. Sophia’s passing had the couple drowning in grief. They knew they needed to search out a option to turn their pain into purpose.

Dr. Jeffrey Lawhead is the medical director of the NICU at Central DuPage Hospital.

“Within the rare occasions when things don’t find yourself well, the families are really attempting to work out what it’s all about, what’s the meaning of it and the way can we honor our daughter or son’s existence,” he said.

Nina Trader and Derek Braasch found it in the identical place where their daughter was born.

They stocked a cart stuffed with recent children’s books for other NICU parents to read to their very own babies.

It’s called Sophia’s Little Library.

“Having the ability to give back in a positive way and help NICU parents get through minute-to-minute. (And) Help them have a blissful moment with their baby,” Nina Trader said. “Just knowing we’re capable of provide that in Sophia’s honor has really helped us heal on one other level.”

They put out a call for book donations hoping to gather around 100. They never imagined what transpired next.

“It just exploded,” Nina Trader said. “People we don’t even know, people dropping off books, someone dropped off 4 big boxes of books. It’s amazing.”

There have been enough books to construct six Sophia’s Little Libraries in six other hospitals.

For Nina Trader and Derek Braasch, Sophia’s Little Library has allowed them to push forward through their very own hardest chapter and to rewrite the ending.

“It’s leaving such a legacy for her,” Nina Trader said. “She’s going to be remembered by this.”

“They’ve been capable of find recent meaning in that and really honor their child’s life as transient as it could be,” Lawhead said. “And that’s something ongoing and that may live to tell the tale ceaselessly.”

Up to now, greater than 2,000 children’s books have been donated to area hospitals NICUs in Sophia’s name.

For more information, visit Sophia’s Little Library on Facebook or email sophiaslittlelibrary@gmail.com.

Book donations for Sophia’s Little Library will be sent to:
Nina & Derek Braasch
PO Box 8227
Elburn, IL 60119.


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