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Cook County prosecutor publishes list of ‘unreliable’ cops

Word has circulated for years around Cook County courthouses of a list containing the names of cops who are deemed so unreliable prosecutors refuse to call them as witnesses. Some still work as police officers. Others have since retired. Now, Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx has released the names.

There are roughly 180 law enforcement officers on the Cook County State’s Attorney’s “Do Not Call List.” There are the names of well-known rogue cops who have faced lawsuits – including Chicago cops Reynaldo Guevara and Ronald Watts – but there are also officers who work for suburban departments including Maywood, Dixmoor, Hickory Hills, Chicago Heights, Crestwood and others. Several Cook County sheriff’s police officers are also included.

“The culture that allowed disreputable law enforcement officers to testify in court propelled Cook County’s reputation as the wrongful conviction capital of the country,” state’s attorney Kimm Foxx said in a press release. “Releasing our ‘Do Not Call List‘ and updating our internal policy regarding witness disclosure are necessary steps to improve the office’s prosecutorial integrity and help rebuild public trust in our criminal justice system.” 

Prosecutors say they will not call officers who are on the list as witnesses in any proceeding due to credibility issues that could include current and past misconduct allegations. The disclosure of the names includes when the decision was made but does not specify why prosecutors no longer view them as credible.

To view the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office “Do Not Call List,” click here.

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