Home News Concerns Arise Over Patient Care as Waukegan Medical Center Loses Level 2 Trauma Center Designation

Concerns Arise Over Patient Care as Waukegan Medical Center Loses Level 2 Trauma Center Designation

Concerns Arise Over Patient Care as Waukegan Medical Center Loses Level 2 Trauma Center Designation

WAUKEGAN, Unwell. — A medical center in Waukegan has been stripped of its level 2 trauma center designation, and the state’s decision has sparked some concern about patient care.

The Illinois Department of Public Health notified Vista Medical Center East concerning the decision on Friday.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Department of Health said the choice was made “attributable to its absence of essential services needed to keep up this designation, including lack of a blood bank, anesthesia, neurology, urology, or a full-time Trauma Coordinator. This motion doesn’t affect other services on the hospital.”

The medical center has had three different owners up to now 15 years, most recently being acquired by the L.A.-based group American Healthcare Systems (AHS) last July. On the time, the Facility was around $15 million in debt.

Officials in Lake County gathered Monday night to debate the recent decision.

“AHS is chargeable for hospital operations and must immediately take motion to guard the community and proper these deficiencies. Lives are at stake.,” Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said during Monday’s press conference.

Banek, who has also worked on a contractual basis at the power as a nurse anesthetist, said she raised some concerns concerning the medical center in a letter to the hospital board back in December.

In accordance with Banek, there have been allegations about delayed payments to staff and vendors, in addition to issues regarding supplies and equipment.

But Faisal Gill, the Chief Legal Officer at American Healthcare Systems, said Banek’s whistle-blowing has no basis. Gill said staff members have all the time been paid on time, aside from a slight third-party glitch within the last pay period.

Gill noted that while AHS does owe money to vendors, that’s something they’re working on, adding that they’ve chosen to owe that cash as a substitute of, for instance, laying people off.

“The coroner did all this but to what end? Like, she’s not offered one solution,” Gill said.

In accordance with Gill, it’s going to take not less than a 12 months to show things around at the power. AHS officials say they’re committed to Waukegan and added that they don’t agree with the de-certification and are working to resolve it.

State Senator Adriane Johnson, also released a press release on Monday concerning the decision.

“The Waukegan community is facing a detrimental downturn in trauma-focused care with the revocation of Vista Medical Center’s trauma center designation. A scarcity of accessible, reliable, high-quality health care is already the truth for a lot of, and the recent announcement will create much more damage for local residents. Simply put: Without proper intervention, lives will likely be lost,” Johnson said partly.

Other city officials in Waukegan say the de-certification will likely not have much of an impact, as the power was never a level 1 trauma center.


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