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Buffalo Grove, Ill., resident searching for Chicago Cubs painting artist

BUFFALO GROVE, Ailing. — There’s a creative mystery underway in Buffalo Grove, and Daniel Kamen is attempting to unravel it. Kamen, a retired chiropractor, is attempting to work out the unique artist of a Wrigley Field-themed painting that he recently reacquired. The painting in query was first given to Kamen by a former patient named Harold. After years of treating him, Kamen befriended Harold, who gave him the painting once in lieu of payment.

Daniel Kamen of Buffalo Grove talks about his beloved Wrigley Field-themed painting. “Once I first got this, Harold said that it’s something of ‘The Three Stooges,’” Kamen said. Chock filled with characters, the painting actually depicts the Friendly Confines, Kamen said. “That is Wrigley Field, due to the ivy,” he explained. “Due to the banner over there, and there’s a woman right there knitting a Cubs sock.” The painting also encompasses a host of other characters, including one who Kamen says “looks like Wimpy from ‘Popeye.’” Daniel Kamen’s painting has several telltale signs that it depicts Wrigley Field, including a person holding a Cubs sock and an old-model glove with the name Tommy and the number 5. Kamen believes that’s a nod to former Chicago Cubs infielder Tommy Brown.

Kamen hung Harold’s painting-as-payment for years on the wall of his basement office. In 2006, nevertheless, Kamen sold off the painting during some housecleaning. “I assumed it was too big,” he said. “I checked out it long enough. My wife and I were going to be downsizing and selling things off from the attic within the garage, and I put it on Facebook and got a ton of responses in. “For a lousy 50 bucks, I let it go.” But that wasn’t the tip of it. Kamen is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, and he immediately regretted selling the one-of-a-kind painting. “Oh, big-time, I used to be miserable without it,” Kamen said. “I didn’t know (my) emotional attachment to it.”

So Kamen began a quest to get his painting back, which he completed in July. It cost him a whopping $2,000 in money to purchase back something he sold for $50. Kamen doesn’t regret the uneven exchange. “When (the vendor) decided that he was going to sell it to me, I said, ‘I’ll offer you a check today,’” Kamen said. “He said, ‘Oh no, I need money.’ “I got news: It was value it!” Now, Kamen is attempting to work out the unique artist of his reacquired treasure. As for what precisely the painting depicts about Wrigley Field and the Cubs, Kamen has a theory. The painting encompasses a baseball glove within the style used back within the Nineteen Forties and ’50s, with the name Tommy and the number 5. Kamen posits that the painting is a nod to former Cubs infielder Tommy Brown, who finished his profession with the North Siders from 1952-53. Brown wore No. 12 with the Cubs, but he wore No. 5 — the number depicted in Kamen’s painting — while fiddling with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1948-51 and the Philadelphia Phillies from 1951-52, perhaps as an homage to the legendary Joe DiMaggio, who also wore No. 5. Brown, a shortstop who would acquire the nickname “Buckshot” from Hall of Fame manager Leo Durocher, was called as much as the massive leagues by the Dodgers in 1944 on the tender age of 16, during a time when many older ballplayers were off serving in World War II. “Leo Durocher named him ‘Buckshot,’ because his arm was so scattered,” Kamen explained. “You never knew were the ball would land (on throws to first base).” Brown himself would serve in World War II before resuming his baseball profession. Brown, now 96, remains to be alive and living in Florida. Kamen has indeed reached out to Brown about his painting, and the 2 have talked. But like everyone else, Kamen said Brown also has no idea who the artist is behind Kamen’s treasure. So the mystery stays unsolved, though the painting is back in trusty hands. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Suggest a Correction

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