Home Sports An Interview with Loyola Academy Basketball Star Miles Boland: Athlete of the Week

An Interview with Loyola Academy Basketball Star Miles Boland: Athlete of the Week

An Interview with Loyola Academy Basketball Star Miles Boland: Athlete of the Week

Miles Boland is a senior guard for the Ramblers. He’s a three-year starter and Loyola’s leading scorer the past two seasons.

1.) Do you’ve gotten any pregame rituals or superstitions?

To be honest, not likely. I don’t really have a routine. I obviously prepare and take heed to music and stuff like that. I don’t must do that and this and this to prepare. I just must get able to play.

2. What do you hope to do next 12 months?

Obviously I would like to play in college. I would like to play at the best level I can while still competing for minutes. But I do know I’m not only going to be handed minutes.

3. Who’s your favorite athlete?

It’s form of funny. Considered one of my coaches really likes him, due to his mindset and his sayings, so Jalen Hurts (NFL—Philadelphia Eagles) is one I actually like. Steph Curry (NBA—Golden State Warriors), I actually like, but Hurts has some great lines I actually like. I find them funny but in addition just like the meaning behind them. Considered one of them, “I had purpose before everyone had an opinion.’ Stuff like that. True, funny and real.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do off the court?

Like hanging out with friends. When it’s nice out, going golfing with my dad, cousins, friends too. And playing basketball truthfully. That’s all I actually do.

5. What do you must work on to achieve success at the following level?

One can be my athletic ability. Everybody goes to be a reasonably elite athlete. My shooting needs to enhance. That’s where I’m going to face out at the following level. After which more game IQ and stuff like that.

6. What’s your top sports moment to date?

My favorite game for sure after we played St. Ignatius at home last 12 months. It was completely packed, a sold-out game, we won and it was sick. It’s the most effective game I feel I’ll ever play in and we won.

7. When you could play one other sport, what wouldn’t it be?

I feel I could possibly be a soccer player perhaps. I used to play back within the grade school days. If I put effort and time into it, I feel I could possibly be a good soccer player. And Loyola football is superb, so I’d want to present that a shot if I could.

8. When you’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

Obviously I would like a drink, right? So, strawberry chocolate milk. Perhaps a bag of chips or candy.

9. When you could have dinner with anyone who wouldn’t it be?

I feel like I could have a very good dinner with someone like LeBron (James). Someone super famous but basketball. Steph (Curry). Jalen Hurts. I could have a very good conversation with Jalen Hurts. He has a very cool way of pondering.

10. What’s Loyola able to this season?

I feel this team is able to lots — a sectional win, a supersectional win perhaps. We have now a coach (Paul Pryma) who says we got a probability for a run to Champaign. We form of laugh at it but I’m confident on this team’s ability greater than other teams I’ve been an element of. We have now an ideal group of men. It’s all the time really fun to be with this team. We’re also really talented and are tougher than a whole lot of teams that we’re going to play.

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