Home News ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ helps bring sunshine to seniors

‘Adopt a Grandparent’ helps bring sunshine to seniors

‘Adopt a Grandparent’ helps bring sunshine to seniors

MCHENRY COUNTY, Ill. — Warmer temps are giving gardeners a early lead this Spring and a local organization is getting their hands dirty for those who can’t.

In McHenry County, hundreds of seniors are about to be “adopted” by local gardeners determined to spread a little sunshine.

“In 2019, my mom and dad both passed unexpectedly four months apart,” Jacci Richards, the founder of the Adopt a Grandparent program said. “I was shocked and heartbroken.”

With the early morning thaw comes renewal and for Jacci Richards, it comes in the form of a shovel as she found healing in the soil.

Planting new seeds to share with those like the parents she lost.

She delivered her first bounty to an assisted living facility down the road. That’s when a funny thing happened: the more she gave away, the less sadness she felt.

It was the beginning of what’s now known as the “Adopt a Grandparent” program.

“It started with one facility with 67 seniors and this year we have five facilities with over 300,” Richards said.

Through community donations and dozens of volunteers, the first container gardens of the year are underway.

Each one potted with the recipient’s favorite herbs and flowers.

Starting this week, dozens of container gardens will make the trek from Richard’s Yard to Senior Care Facilities throughout McHenry County.

In hopes that other like her own parents will smile knowing they too are loved and deserving of a little potted sunshine.

For more information on Adopt a Grandparent, click here.


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