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10 Questions with Sela Klein: New Trier Basketball’s Athlete of the Week

Sela Klein is a senior wing for the Trevians and the team’s leading scorer. Klein recently announced she is going to play for Brown University next season.

1. Do you may have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

I even have lots of them. I believe my most important one is I take heed to the identical playlist each time no less than an hour before the sport. I’m probably not sure why. It’s something I’ve done for a very long time. I just put my headphones on and get locked in. I also put my shoes and ankle bracelets on right to left each time.

2. You latterly committed to Brown. How does it feel?

I’m super enthusiastic about it. It feels so good. The recruiting process is so grueling. I’m joyful I stuck it out because I couldn’t have ended up at a greater school for me. Although the method was hard, I can’t imagine what life would have been like if I made a decision to not play.

3. Why is Brown the appropriate fit for you?

I went on campus two weeks ago and thought, ‘That is the place for me.’ … I really like the coaching staff a lot; they were one among the highlights of my visit. They were so welcoming. They really showed me all Brown has to supply academically and athletically. Academics, I couldn’t do any higher than that, and the team is so good and girls are so good. They made me feel like they really, really wanted me. It was one among the important thing reasons for selecting their school.

4. What’s your dream job?

I might like to be a surgeon, but I truthfully couldn’t last one other eight years of faculty. If I didn’t must undergo eight years, I might definitely be a surgeon. It will be so rewarding and you’re thinking that in your feet and you may have to have lots of guts to try this job.

5. What’s your favorite thing to do off the court?

I actually love to hang around with my friends and we actually prefer to bake in my friend group. Each time we hang around we at all times find yourself at Jewel-Osco and buy a cake and a few frosting and whip that up and watch a movie. I can’t complain. I really like a very good confetti cake.

6. Do you may have a favourite athlete?

I do. I saw her playing last night: Ms. Caitlin Clark (University of Iowa basketball). Obviously I’ve been following her for a very very long time. I saw the Michigan State game over winter break when she hit the game-winning three. So cool. My younger sister, Liesel who also plays basketball like her. My mom is from Iowa, so it’s one among the colleges we actually root for. We love her in our household.

7. If you happen to could play one other sport, what wouldn’t it be?

I at all times really desired to play volleyball. I played in grade school and wasn’t terrible, but I never got into club. Once I got into highschool, I used to be too scared to check out because all the ladies were already so good. Now that I’m here, I actually wish I no less than tried out freshman yr.

8. If you happen to’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?
Ghirardelli chocolate squares, the caramel ones. That or twin snakes — gummy snakes, one is sour and one is good. I at all times eat the sweet one first. They’re very entertaining to eat in a weird way.

9. What’s something people don’t find out about you?

I’m a really avid movie watcher. I watch no less than two or three movies per week. It’s really weird. I’ve mainly seen every movie on Netflix. A whole lot of horror movies. Nobody wants to observe with me. I normally find yourself watching alone.

10. How do you and this team wish to finish the season?

We’re like shooting for winning the regional final. I even have not won a regional final in my team here. It’s something I really need to do before I graduate. This yr could be our yr. All our conference is basically even right away. All of us have a pair wins and a pair losses. Truthfully I believe it is going to be a very good yr to observe the regional final and we wish to win. That’s where our team is specifically.

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