Home Sports 10 Questions with Katie Magner, Loyola Academy Golf: Athlete Spotlight

10 Questions with Katie Magner, Loyola Academy Golf: Athlete Spotlight

10 Questions with Katie Magner, Loyola Academy Golf: Athlete Spotlight

Katie Magner, of Winnetka, is a senior golfer for the Ramblers. She recently won the regional tournament and the conference tournament and can proceed playing for Richmond University next yr.

1.) What’s your preswing routine?

I take one practice swing then I am going behind the ball and pick a spot on the bottom and line up my club to that spot. After which I take a look at the outlet and get my feet set where I’m aimed after which hit my shot.

2. Why is Richmond an excellent fit for you?

I’ve heard great things about it. After I went to go to it, it had every thing I wanted. It was a smaller school with an excellent ratio between student and teacher, the campus was very pretty. The lecturers fit where my standard is. It has an ideal business school, where I can hopefully get into. I could really see myself there after I stepped onto campus.

3. What’s your favorite club in your bag?

My 52-degree (wedge). I got it like two years ago and ever since I got it it’s all the time been so good. It’s all the time been inside 5-10 feet of the pin. It’s very consistent.

4. What’s the most effective course you’ve ever played?

McArthur Golf Club in Florida (Hobe Sound). It’s in amazing condition. It’s very pretty and I get to play with my grandparents, which all the time makes it more fun.

5. What’s your top golf highlight so far?

I might say after I was younger, after I was 10, I had a hole in a single (at Indian Hill in Winnetka). After which I’ve won (Girls Catholic Athletic Conference) player of the yr 4 years in a row and I just won the regional.

6. What’s your favorite thing to do off beam

Travel or hang around with my friends. My family and I all the time go on trips and we’re going to Italy in November.

7. What’s your dream job?

Something in business or business real estate. I’ve all the time just loved real estate and watching house shows and I believe it will be cool to be a part of that in the actual world.

8. When you’re in Walgreens with a pair bucks, what are you purchasing?

A Food plan Coke and I’d probably get Airheads Extremes.

9. What’s something people don’t find out about you?

I like to water ski. My grandparents have a lakehouse in Wisconsin so we get to water ski often within the summers.

10. During postseason golf, what is vital to performing your best?

I believe staying calm but at the identical time having that competitive drive in you to need to get to the following stage and never letting any outside influence affect you when you’re playing. Just play the sport you possibly can play.

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