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10 Questions with Aidan O’Neill: New Trier Soccer’s Athlete of the Week

Aidan O’Neill is a senior midfielder for the Trevians. He’s committed to Northwestern University.

1.Do you could have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

It’s not likely a ritual or superstition, but I at all times tape my wrist before every game. I’ve been doing it for 4 or five years now. It’s form of like a mental thing. It looks like when my wrist is taped I’m able to play.

2. Why Northwestern?

Obviously the lecturers are incredible at Northwestern. Just the considered representing the North Shore and community I grew up in and play for a sports team at a university that’s five minutes from my house and having the ability to see family and friends within the stands is basically exciting to me.

3. What’s your favorite sports moment to date?

Probably my favorite moment is scoring the third goal against Loyola (this season). It was like a 30-yard chip over the keeper. Having the ability to run to the fans and rejoice with them after that was really special.

4. What’s your favorite thing to do off the sphere?

I like to play golf. I play golf just about any time I can. It’s really relaxing. I go along with my friends, my dad, and my brothers. I attempt to play golf as much as possible throughout the season.

5. What’s your dream job?

Truthfully, being a sports reporter could be pretty cool, working for ESPN, NBC, or something like that. Traveling across the country and reporting on sports could be pretty cool.

6. When you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

My family has a house in Portrush in Northern Ireland. We go up there like yearly, and I like being up there. It’s really relaxing and calming to get away from all the pieces. So probably there.

7. Who’s your favorite athlete?

It will probably be Rory McElroy, a golfer from Northern Ireland. My uncle is pretty good friends with him. He’s from 10 or quarter-hour away from where my dad and uncle grew up. Watching him and cheering for him is at all times pretty cool.

8. When you are in Walgreens with a pair of dollars, what are you purchasing?

Probably a (light) blue Gatorade and perhaps somewhat thing of M&M’s.

9. What’s something people don’t learn about you?

A number of people wouldn’t know that I’m a dual citizen. I even have an Irish passport. It’s quite a bit easier to travel (in Europe) with an Irish passport.

10. As you head toward the playoffs, how is that this team feeling?

The team is feeling really good. We at all times have high spirits going into practices and games, at all times believing we’re going to win every game — helping one another, trusting one another, picking one another up. Going forward, we wish to win the conference and from there just play our greatest soccer after we’re in playoffs and hopefully make it downstate.

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